NHL Hockey Goalie Rankings

The list below consists of our NHL Hockey goalie rankings for the current season. To make this list, the goalie must have started at least one game during the season. The ratings are derived from advanced analytics and the goalies’ statistics throughout the season. An explanation for what the “Rating” means is explained at the bottom of this page.

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RateEff: Effect on a team’s rating versus the average NHL goalie.
WPEff: Rough effect on a team’s probability to win a game versus the average NHL goalie.
TGEff: Rough effect on the total goals scored in one game versus the average NHL goalie.
PAR: Also known as “Points Above Replacement”. This is the amount of points from wins and ties that the goalie contributed to his team this season versus the average NHL goalie.
O-Rating: Overall ratings as judged on a scale from 0 to 99.

Updated 3/6/2019.

2018-2019 NHL Goalie Rankings

1Ben BishopDallas Stars0.2867.1%-0.2454.3796.6
2Andrei VasilevskiyTampa Bay Lightning0.2897.2%-0.2475.0694.6
3Thomas GreissNew York Islanders0.2175.4%-0.1862.9289.1
4Robin LehnerNew York Islanders0.1934.8%-0.1652.6787.4
5Anton KhudobinDallas Stars0.1784.4%-0.1522.1385.7
6Jaroslav HalakBoston Bruins0.1784.4%-0.1522.1985.6
7Darcy KuemperArizona Coyotes0.1674.2%-0.1432.9483.9
8Jordan BinningtonSt. Louis Blues0.1473.7%-0.1261.2782.3
9Frederik AndersenToronto Maple Leafs0.1503.7%-0.1283.0281.3
10John GibsonAnaheim Ducks0.1363.4%-0.1162.6481.0
11Tuukka RaskBoston Bruins0.1122.8%-0.0961.6879.4
12Pekka RinneNashville Predators0.1022.5%-0.0871.8778.8
13Matt MurrayPittsburgh Penguins0.1142.8%-0.0981.7978.4
14Marc-Andre FleuryVegas Golden Knights0.1002.5%-0.0862.2178.1
15Jacob MarkstromVancouver Canucks0.1022.6%-0.0872.1077.3
16Carey PriceMontreal Canadiens0.1132.8%-0.0972.3777.3
17Laurent BrossoitWinnipeg Jets0.1172.9%-0.1000.7977.1
18Jack CampbellLos Angeles Kings0.1042.6%-0.0890.8277.1
19Curtis McElhinneyCarolina Hurricanes0.0862.2%-0.0740.9176.9
20Casey DeSmithPittsburgh Penguins0.0942.3%-0.0801.0676.8
21Carter HartPhiladelphia Flyers0.0922.3%-0.0780.8675.6
22Juuse SarosNashville Predators0.0761.9%-0.0650.7175.6
23Devan DubnykMinnesota Wild0.0691.7%-0.0591.5475.0
24Ryan MillerAnaheim Ducks0.0641.6%-0.0550.3374.1
25Carter HuttonBuffalo Sabres0.0491.2%-0.0420.7773.4
26Connor HellebuyckWinnipeg Jets0.0491.2%-0.0420.9973.4
27Calvin PetersenLos Angeles Kings0.0651.6%-0.0550.2472.2
28David RittichCalgary Flames0.0461.1%-0.0390.6771.9
29Semyon VarlamovColorado Avalanche0.0370.9%-0.0320.6571.9
30Brian ElliottPhiladelphia Flyers0.0471.2%-0.0400.3771.8
31Henrik LundqvistNew York Rangers0.0310.8%-0.0260.5671.2
32Sergei BobrovskyColumbus Blue Jackets0.0270.7%-0.0230.5571.1
33MacKenzie BlackwoodNew Jersey Devils0.0471.2%-0.0400.3070.7
34Philipp GrubauerColorado Avalanche0.0190.5%-0.0160.1969.6
35Petr MrazekCarolina Hurricanes0.0250.6%-0.0210.3369.5
36Braden HoltbyWashington Capitals0.0180.4%-0.0150.3469.4
37Anders NilssonOttawa Senators0.0240.6%-0.0200.2869.3
38Corey CrawfordChicago Blackhawks0.0150.4%-0.0130.1769.2
39Jimmy HowardDetroit Red Wings0.0090.2%-0.0080.1668.6
40Antti RaantaArizona Coyotes0.0180.4%-0.0150.0868.5
41Louis DomingueTampa Bay Lightning0.0120.3%-0.0100.1167.5
42Collin DeliaChicago Blackhawks0.0140.3%-0.0120.0767.3
43Mikko KoskinenEdmonton Oilers0.0000.0%0.0000.0066.4
44Alexandar GeorgievNew York Rangers-0.008-0.2%0.007-0.0765.8
45Linus UllmarkBuffalo Sabres-0.014-0.4%0.012-0.1664.6
46Jake AllenSt. Louis Blues-0.030-0.8%0.026-0.4964.1
47Pheonix CopleyWashington Capitals-0.013-0.3%0.011-0.1164.1
48Jonathan BernierDetroit Red Wings-0.038-1.0%0.033-0.3962.7
49James ReimerFlorida Panthers-0.038-0.9%0.032-0.4062.7
50Craig AndersonOttawa Senators-0.054-1.4%0.046-0.8362.0
51Malcolm SubbanVegas Golden Knights-0.027-0.7%0.023-0.1361.6
52Cory SchneiderNew Jersey Devils-0.042-1.1%0.036-0.3060.3
53Garret SparksToronto Maple Leafs-0.035-0.9%0.030-0.1960.2
54Joonas KorpisaloColumbus Blue Jackets-0.047-1.2%0.041-0.3459.2
55Adin HillArizona Coyotes-0.037-0.9%0.032-0.1558.9
56Roberto LuongoFlorida Panthers-0.086-2.1%0.073-1.1258.6
57Martin JonesSan Jose Sharks-0.115-2.9%0.098-2.4057.9
58Anthony StolarzEdmonton Oilers-0.052-1.3%0.045-0.2257.4
59Mike SmithCalgary Flames-0.097-2.4%0.083-1.2456.4
60Cam TalbotPhiladelphia Flyers-0.118-3.0%0.101-1.3353.4
61Alex StalockMinnesota Wild-0.093-2.3%0.080-0.4952.1
62Cam WardChicago Blackhawks-0.137-3.4%0.117-1.3851.9
63Jonathan QuickLos Angeles Kings-0.160-4.0%0.137-2.3951.7
64Michal NeuvirthPhiladelphia Flyers-0.107-2.7%0.092-0.2451.3
65Keith KinkaidNew Jersey Devils-0.165-4.1%0.141-2.3550.7
66Tristan JarryPittsburgh Penguins-0.110-2.8%0.094-0.0850.6
67Mike McKennaPhiladelphia Flyers-0.091-2.3%0.078-0.2450.5
68Mike CondonOttawa Senators-0.114-2.9%0.098-0.0949.8
69Aaron DellSan Jose Sharks-0.119-3.0%0.102-0.7649.6
70Michael HutchinsonToronto Maple Leafs-0.118-3.0%0.101-0.3549.2
71Thatcher DemkoVancouver Canucks-0.118-3.0%0.101-0.1849.1
72Peter BudajLos Angeles Kings-0.118-3.0%0.101-0.0449.0
73Alex LyonPhiladelphia Flyers-0.118-3.0%0.101-0.0449.0
74Sam MontembeaultFlorida Panthers-0.121-3.0%0.103-0.3248.6
75Kevin BoyleAnaheim Ducks-0.121-3.0%0.103-0.1848.6
76Marcus HogbergOttawa Senators-0.121-3.0%0.103-0.1848.6
77Alex NedeljkovicCarolina Hurricanes-0.121-3.0%0.103-0.0548.5
78Richard BachmanVancouver Canucks-0.121-3.0%0.103-0.0548.5
79Scott DarlingCarolina Hurricanes-0.122-3.0%0.104-0.3648.5
80Antti NiemiMontreal Canadiens-0.142-3.6%0.122-0.9146.5
81Maxime LagaceVegas Golden Knights-0.134-3.3%0.114-0.0545.9
82Chad JohnsonAnaheim Ducks-0.190-4.7%0.163-0.7844.0
83Calvin PickardArizona Coyotes-0.221-5.5%0.189-0.9143.9

What the O-Rating Means

90+: An elite player at the position. Top-3 to Top-5 goalie in the world. All-Star talent!
85-89: A upper-tier player in the NHL that are likely superstars on their team. Young players at this level are destined to be an elite talent.
80-84: A great player that would start for many clubs in the NHL. A top-15 talent at the position.
75-79: A solid player that can be a franchise goaltender for an organization.
65-74: An average player that would start for a bad team, but be a backup for a good team.
55-64: This group covers the average backup goaltender in the NHL. Starters that fall in this category are not likely to hold their job for another season.
54 or less: A player in this category can be a player with not many games under his belt (this can cause a depressed rating), or a very poor performing player. Veterans in this category will not be in the league long.