Vegas Breaker Promotion

The Vegas Breaker Prop Club is a unique spin on sports wagering that focuses on highly advantaged PROP BETS. Over the last three years a team of stat junkies has been hard at work, developing a system to take advantage of the sportbook’s weakest point. Instead of swimming with the school and trying to crack the book with spreads and totals, Vegas Breaker focuses on service plays – also known as props.

Props have developed an undeserving negative connotation over the years. They are seen as micro-bets that can’t be reasoned and are based more on random events than skill or performance. While this is true for many prop types, an experienced handicapper can find extremely advantaged lines in props. The VB team includes Vegas and sportsbook insiders who have studied odds and used models to profit over an extended period of time. Their system is based almost entirely on a formulaic approach, with human intervention coming only in extreme cases such as lineup changes, injuries, etc.

The results have been amazing, with consistent profit two years running and a strong winning percentage to back it up. Unit allocation is a key part of the system with the average bet amount set at $100 and the max bet at $200. These are not disproportionate “jackpot” wagers. Profits span all major sports, including MLB, NFL, NCAA Football, NHL, and NBA.

The Vegas Breaker Prop Club was formed to keep the prop picks within a small group so that books couldn’t react to volume and over-juice the plays. Club Membership is limited to 50 people and provides 1-on-1 email service, along with anywhere from 3 to 15 plays per day. The team will occasionally give out plays on Twitter and Reddit, so follow along and jump on the prop train!

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