Ukraine Premier League Predictions

Beginning in 2014, the Predictor was used to predict future Ukraine Premier League games. The Predictor uses scores from past contests, but does not account for injuries, or other factors that may randomly cause the outcome of the game to move in one direction or another. See my disclaimer for more on the details about these Premier League predictions: Predictions Disclaimer

As a side note, these Ukrainian Premier League predictions should be used for entertainment purposes only. If, by chance, you do wish to bet (at your own risk), then please read the sportsbook information page at: Sportsbook Reviews and Ratings.

The Ukrainian Premier League starts the season in July, and after a two month break during the winter ends their season in May. There are currently twelve teams in the top division with each team playing every other in a home-and-away format. The teams that are in the top six of the table at the end of this round then make the Championship Group with the bottom six teams making the Relegation Group. Once the groups are established, there is then a round-robin within the groups to determine final positions. In the Relegation Group, the fifth and sixth place teams are relegated to the second division. In the Championship Group, the top four teams make varying rounds of the Champions League and Europa League.

All upcoming Ukraine Premier League games are listed below. Enjoy!

Ukraine Premier League Computer Predictions

Ukraine Premier League Game Predictions – Week 4 Makeup Game

Date Away Home Odds to Win ML Prediction Score Proj Total Goals
9/26 Dyn. Kyiv Mariupol Mariupol to win: 15.6% Mariupol +542 0.83 2.63
Dyn. Kyiv to win: 60.5% Dyn. Kyiv -154 1.79
Odds to Draw: 23.9% Draw +319

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Ukraine Premier League Game Predictions – Week 10

Date Away Home Odds to Win ML Prediction Score Proj Total Goals
9/28 Shakhtar Donetsk Karpaty Karpaty to win: 7.7% Karpaty +1199 0.62 2.93
Shakhtar Donetsk to win: 76.7% Shakhtar Donetsk -330 2.30
Odds to Draw: 15.6% Draw +542
9/29 Oleksandriya Olimpik Donetsk Olimpik Donetsk to win: 35.2% Olimpik Donetsk +185 0.86 1.71
Oleksandriya to win: 34.8% Oleksandriya +188 0.85
Odds to Draw: 30% Draw +234
9/30 Vorskla Poltava Desna Desna to win: 28.3% Desna +254 0.87 1.95
Vorskla Poltava to win: 42.3% Vorskla Poltava +137 1.07
Odds to Draw: 29.4% Draw +241
9/30 Mariupol Ch. Odessa Ch. Odessa to win: 34.9% Ch. Odessa +187 0.96 1.92
Mariupol to win: 35.1% Mariupol +185 0.96
Odds to Draw: 30% Draw +234
9/30 Lviv FK Zorya Luhansk FK Zorya Luhansk to win: 63.9% FK Zorya Luhansk -178 1.69 2.42
Lviv to win: 13.7% Lviv +630 0.72
Odds to Draw: 22.4% Draw +347
9/30 Dyn. Kyiv Arsenal Kiev Arsenal Kiev to win: 4.5% Arsenal Kiev +2123 0.49 3.22
Dyn. Kyiv to win: 85.6% Dyn. Kyiv -595 2.72
Odds to Draw: 9.9% Draw +911

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Ukraine Premier League Game Predictions – Week 11

Date Away Home Odds to Win ML Prediction Score Proj Total Goals
10/6 Karpaty Mariupol Mariupol to win: 58.6% Mariupol -142 1.62 2.44
Karpaty to win: 16.7% Karpaty +499 0.81
Odds to Draw: 24.7% Draw +305
10/6 Ch. Odessa Oleksandriya Oleksandriya to win: 65.9% Oleksandriya -194 1.55 2.20
Ch. Odessa to win: 12.6% Ch. Odessa +694 0.64
Odds to Draw: 21.5% Draw +366
10/7 Desna Lviv Lviv to win: 52% Lviv -109 1.34 2.16
Desna to win: 20.9% Desna +379 0.82
Odds to Draw: 27.1% Draw +270
10/7 Olimpik Donetsk Dyn. Kyiv Dyn. Kyiv to win: 82.6% Dyn. Kyiv -475 2.38 2.90
Olimpik Donetsk to win: 5.3% Olimpik Donetsk +1787 0.52
Odds to Draw: 12.1% Draw +727
10/7 FK Zorya Luhansk Shakhtar Donetsk Shakhtar Donetsk to win: 80.3% Shakhtar Donetsk -408 2.60 3.20
FK Zorya Luhansk to win: 6.2% FK Zorya Luhansk +1513 0.60
Odds to Draw: 13.5% Draw +641
10/7 Arsenal Kiev Vorskla Poltava Vorskla Poltava to win: 83.3% Vorskla Poltava -499 2.39 2.91
Arsenal Kiev to win: 5% Arsenal Kiev +1900 0.51
Odds to Draw: 11.7% Draw +755