UEFA Nations League Soccer Predictions

The UEFA Nations League game predictions are determined by computer estimates from the Inference Index. The predictions do not account for injuries, but are based on a historical archive of the scores from previous international games. Please see my disclaimer page for more information about how these predictions work: Predictions Disclaimer

We also have a list of Men’s International Soccer Rankings which is updated after the FIFA international soccer dates.

Also note, that these UEFA Nations League predictions should be used for entertainment only. Those who wish to gamble at your their own risk should read my blog post at: The Top 5 Online Sportsbooks.

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UEFA Nations League Soccer Computer Predictions – Donchess Inference Ratings

UEFA Nations League Soccer Predictions – League A Playoffs – Semifinals

Date Away Home Odds to Win ML Prediction Score Proj Total Goals
Portugal to win: 43.5% Portugal: 58.1% 1.38 2.45
Switzerland to win: 27.3% Switzerland: 41.9% 1.07
Odds to Draw: 29.2%
Netherlands to win: 51.3% Netherlands: 65.0% 1.70 2.73
England to win: 21.4% England: 35.0% 1.03
Odds to Draw: 27.3%

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UEFA Nations League Soccer Predictions – Finals

Date Away Home Odds to Win Odds to Advance Score Proj Total Goals
Switzerland to win: 59.4% Switzerland: 71.6% 1.81 2.68
England to win: 16.2% England: 28.4% 0.87
Odds to Draw: 24.4%
Portugal to win: 54.5% Portugal: 67.7% 1.82 2.83
Netherlands to win: 19.2% Netherlands: 32.3% 1.00
Odds to Draw: 26.3%