Youwager Sportsbook Review

For almost twenty years now, YouWager has been one of the most renowned sportsbooks in the business. Over those years, Youwager has made a lot of upgrades to it’s web site and it is, today, in a great place. We will cover everything about the Youwager system below, including their Player Prop platform which is clearly a leader in the sportsbook industry.

We put in countless hours evaluating every site, so we hope that you enjoy this Youwager sportsbook review as much as our others!

Depositing Money

Youwager Bitcoin Deposit

Youwager Bitcoin Deposit

Youwager provides for a variety of different ways to fund your account. Credit card, instant gift card, and P2P are all available for deposit. For clients looking to deposit higher sums or money, using the bank wire option might be a good way to go for you.

While all of the above options are generally fine, we don’t recommend using them for variety of reasons. Absolutely, the best bet for depositing money into a sportsbook account is through cryptocurrency. This is by far the cheapest option as it is the only one that comes with zero fees. At the time of this writing, Youwager accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and twelve other cryptocurrencies. The deposit limits vary by method but go up to a maximum of $10,000 for Bitcoin.

Youwager, at the current time, offers a 100% free play bonus on a customer’s initial deposit between $100 and $500. As is pretty typical of these types of bonuses, there is a 12x rollover requirement as well as a 30 day hold.

Limits/Ease of depositing money: 9/10

Betting Interface

Youwager has a betting interface that is truly unique and very well designed.

Youwager Interface

Youwager Interface

The picture above is what the betting interface looks like. This is a case where we can say that a picture is worth a thousand words. By viewing the image, we can say that the functionality is pretty self-explanatory. The type of bet is set at the top of the screen with the sports and lines listed underneath. Selecting a bet and continuing on to the bet slip is as simple as hitting the “Continue” button or the green forward button the the bottom right hand part of the screen.

Youwager Bet Slip

Youwager Bet Slip

The bet slip is similarly easy to use. The bettor simply has to type in the amount they would like to wager and select if that is the “risk” or the “to win” amount. In the MLB scenario above, there is the slider options to add “must pitch” pitchers to the bet.

While we won’t cover it in major detail, we would like to mention that Youwager has a very impressive Player Prop section of their web site. The popularity of these bets have been growing over the past few years and a few sportsbook have started to increase their offerings of these bets. Youwager currently has the most impressive platform that we have seen, so Youwager is a must have sportsbook for bettors who enjoy player prop bets.

Look and feel of the betting interface: 9/10

Odds/Bet Limits

From an odds perspective, there really isn’t too much report here. The lines at Youwager don’t come out anywhere near as early as BetOnline, and the vig isn’t as low as a sportsbook like 5Dimes. For the most part, the lines at Youwager come out when most other sportbooks’ lines come out and the vig follows the industry average.

The limits, however, on average are a little bit higher than that average sportsbook across the industry. Generally, this only affects the whale bettors, but it is still a benefit to be aware of.

Odds Prices and minimum bet limits: 8/10

Mobile Betting

Youwager Mobile

Youwager Mobile

As the ongoing trend has users dropping their desktop computers for mobile phones, this section of our review has gotten much more important over the years. Gone are the days when sportsbooks could ignore a mobile version of their web site. Youwager, again, really gets it right here!

With a stellar, easy-to-use interface, betting is made very easy on both the Android and iPhone devices that we tested it on. As one can see in the image to the left, the interface shares a lot of the characteristics of the desktop version.

The betting process is also very similar to the desktop version. To place a bet, you first select the type of bet that you wish to make, i.e. Straight Bet, Parlay, etc. Next, the user selects the sport and is brought to a page with all the money line, spread, and over/under bets for that sport. Multiple bets can be selected using the system and the green arrow in the bottom right hand corner of the screen will bring the user to the bet slip. Here, the bet slip works just like it would on a desktop computer.

In reviewing a lot of sportsbooks, we find that there are a lot them that get get sort of wonky when used on a mobile phone. If you are a user, that does a lot of betting on mobile, then Youwager would be a great sportsbook for you.

Mobile Betting Platform: 9/10


Arguably the best mark of an offshore sportsbook is the ease and reliability of getting paid. It’s clear that Youwager understands this as they are one of the best in the industry in getting their customers paid.

There are multiple options for payout at YouWager. Money transfer and cashier’s check are the first two options. These withdrawals have relatively low limits and are generally for the customers that deposited with credit card. Both of these options have pretty high fees associated with them so are not recommended. The third option is bank wire, which comes with a minimum withdrawal of $500 and a maximum of $15,000. The other options all involve cryptocurrency. If you followed our recommendation in depositing in Bitcoin, then you are required to take a withdrawal in Bitcoin as well. The major benefit of using Bitcoin is that there are no associated fees when withdrawing money. The current limits as of this writing are $2,000 per transaction and $6,000 per week when pulling money out with Bitcoin.

As a whole, Youwager has a well-documented history of paying out people fairly, quickly, and without hassle.

Ease and price of payouts: 9/10


Youwager used to run a pretty solid loyalty program, but decided to shut it down in April of 2018. Unfortunately, this left the cupboard a little bare when it comes to the promotions that they offer their clients. While this shouldn’t viewed as a game-changer, we do know that these things are important to people.

This doesn’t mean that all is lost in the “promotions” department for Youwager. First, Youwager does offer a 20% free play on reload deposits with a 4.5 times rollover. Second, they offer a 30% free play bonus when depositing with cyrptocurrency. As stated in the deposit section, it is highly advised that this is being done anyways so this should be free money. Third, they have a 10% free play on cash reload deposits. Fourth, roughly once a month or so, Youwager runs a $25 (sometimes more) free play promotion to all of their customers. The caveat is that you need to have at least $200 in your account and, with a win, have to follow the rollover requirements before you pull that money out of your account.

Another benefit of note is Youwager’s Net Loss Bonus. In a nutshell, a few times a year, Youwager will give you a percent of money back (15% to 25%). To qualify for this bonus, the user has to deposit at least $500 and have ten weeks of active play in a row. While a nice benefit, the rules are confusing and we tend to like bonuses that don’t benefit losers.

Offers/Promotions: 7/10


Pro: Player Prop platform is an industry leader!
Pro: Very reputable brand that has been in business almost twenty years.
Pro: High marks on ease of payouts to their customers.
Pro: Solidly built to use on a mobile phone.

Con: Recently removed their loyalty rewards system.
Con: An overall pretty weak group of betting promotions.


The original publication of this blog was on 8/6/2018. As things change over time, we will list updates below.

1/25/2019: Added a few new deposit and withdrawal methods. Some updates on web site promotions.

3/5/2021: A few updates to deposit and withdrawal methods.

12/7/2021: A samll update to deposit bonuses.


In closing, Youwager is a great sportsbook to have in your arsenal. We think that the bettors that would get the most benefits from their system are bettors who like really high limits. People who enjoy playing the player prop bets also will not be disappointed. In no way, however, are we trying to dissuade the average gambler from using this site as there are many positives across the board.

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