Nitrobetting Sportsbook Review

Nitrobetting is an offshoot from the Nitrogen Group which created the first “Bitcoin only” sportsbook in Nitrogen Sports! As a Bitcoin sportsbook, Nitrobetting looks the same as other sportsbooks, but takes a little bit of getting used to. With Bitcoin becoming more mainstream, depositing and withdrawing with sportsbooks in the Bitcoin currency has become the standard. One interesting thing about Nitrobetting is that instead of converting bitcoin to USD or EUR, they keep the currency as Bitcoin. Another interesting thing is that one can sign up for this sportsbook and not provide any personal information. One can be completely anonymous as a user of this site! This comes with a variety of positives and negatives that we will address further down in this blog.

Depositing Money

It would be easy to give Nitrobetting lower marks for only accepting Bitcoin, but they don’t claim to do anything else. Again, as a “Bitcoin only” sportsbook, one will deal in no other currency except for Bitcoin.

We don’t cover the process of buying or selling Bitcoin, so we make the rough assumption here that the user is slightly advanced in using the currency. Simply by clicking on the amount of Bitcoin that is available brings the user to the deposit page (as shown). From here, the user is given a Bitcoin address to fund their account. Note that every user has a unique address so the system knows which account the deposit will fund.

The entire process, from setting up an account to having Bitcoin on the site, took us no more than five minutes. Those who have signed up at other books know that this turnaround is incredible! We were betting in no time!

Limits/Ease of depositing money: 10/10

Betting Interface

Nitrobetting interface

In a lot of ways, one can take a look at the image above and make a judgment as to how they feel about the interface. As with every interface, there is some good and some bad.

The first thing that we really like is the chat bar near the top of the screen. This seems to add a level of transparency that is welcome for any type of online sportsbook. Second, the set up is very similar to other sportsbooks with the list of sports on the left, games in the middle, and bet slip off to the right. There is no confusion at all when coming to this page. Third, the bet slip is very easy to use. Again, the drawback is that one is betting in Bitcoin (BTC) and may have to do some math to really understand how much they are betting.

There are two things that we don’t like. One, there is seemingly way too much space is used in the middle of the screen for the matches. One has to do a serious amount of scrolling to find the game or match that they are trying to find sometimes. Two, and this is the important one, we do not like the “Confirm Bet” functionality at all. Really, this just an additional button press and does not calculate total bet amounts or anything of the like. There have been multiple occasions where we have bet the wrong amounts on accident which is surprisingly very simple to do when betting in the weird currency of mBTC.

Look and feel of the betting interface: 7/10

Odds/Bet Limits

This is one area where the Nitrobetting Sportsbook falls all over the board. First, the good…

The amount of contests that are available rivals the best sportsbooks in the industry. They seemingly have odds on everything from Aussie Rules Football to darts. Just about the only thing that we couldn’t find as we do this review in July is odds on the Tour De France.

What sort of shocks us is the inconsistency of the vigorish between different sports. As a quick note to the amateur bettor, the vigorish is the rake that the sportsbook takes.

Baseball, which typically has the lowest vigorish at the standard sportsbook, has a rather high vigorish at Nitrobetting. Yet when we look at the early football lines, the vigorish is a lot lower then the average sportsbook. So, for now, this falls into the neutral category.

As for bet limits, the minimum bet is currently at 0.001 BTC which at current rates is around $9.50. It is important to note that almost as soon as this article is published that this will change as the price of Bitcoin is very erratic. When we first published this article back in July, the price of Bitcoin was about a fourth of it’s current price. The bet max varies by sport, but is generally much higher than is seen at the traditional online sportsbook.

Odds Prices and minimum bet limits: 7/10

Sports Offered

Nitrobetting currently has 15 category offerings to bet. This is subject to change by season as sports are added and removed as bets becomes available.

Nitrobetting Category Offerings
eSports Tennis Basketball Soccer
Cricket Football Baseball Golf
Hockey MMA Boxing Darts
Handball Rugby Volleyball

Although Nitrobetting doesn’t have the coverage of sports that a book like Bovada has, they do have an amazing array of offerings within each sport. Nitrobetting, by far, has the greatest listing of soccer odds that we’ve seen in any sportsbook. They seemingly cover every league and cup match in every country in the world. This may be a slight exaggeration, but it’s unbelievable the amount of coverage that they do have.

We are also very pleased with the availability to buy points and play a variety of alternate lines across every sport. It is very rare to find a sportsbooks that has this much flexibility.

Sports Offerings: 8/10

Mobile Betting

Gambling apps are still not allowed in the Apple Store or Google Play, so we still need to rely on mobile pages to do the trick. With it’s mobile page, Nitrobetting really didn’t put forth their best effort. Though usable, bettors will find the page clunky and a bit difficult to use.

Although the page is styled in the same way that it’s desktop page is, it is much harder to navigate. When a bet is added to the bet slip, the user is left mystified as to where the bet slip is. Certainly, this is something that Nitrobetting sportsbook can improve in the future.

Mobile Betting Platform: 7/10


Nitrobetting withdrawl
One of the major pluses of using the Nitrobetting Sportsbook is the ease and speed of the payout system! This is one of the areas where Bitcoin shines! At most (if not all sportsbooks besides Nitrobetting), the user has to go through a few phases before they can receive money. First, they need to submit the request. Second, the request has to be accepted. Third, the money needs to be sent out (likely through a third party). All of these steps take time! A great sportsbook will have you money within 48 hours, while a bad one can take up to six weeks or longer.

Nitrobetting is on a level of their own in that their Bitcoin processing is very fast! Withdrawals are practically instant so the user only needs to wait for the Bitcoin network to confirm the transaction. The larger withdrawals take a little bit longer as would be expected. We tested the withdrawals at a few different amounts that were all under 0.5 BTC. In all three instances we had the Bitcoin show up in our wallet in about 90 minutes (give or take 15 minutes). We understand that this is Bitcoin and not a traditional currency, but this turnaround time is incredible when it comes to the online sportsbook industry!

Ease and price of payouts: 10/10


The promotion structure for Nitrobetting is significantly different than what we used to see at Nitrogen Sports. Gone are the parlay bonuses and survivor pools and in are the deposit bonuses. Consequently, this puts Nitrobetting more in line with the standard sportsbooks.

The current sportsbooks promotion is a 100% real wager bonus up to 25 mBTC. There is a 17x turnover requirement to receive the entire bonus and the bettor has 30 days to complete turnover.

Offers/Promotions: 7/10


Pro: A completely anonymous sportsbooks. No personal information needs to be given.
Pro: One can reap the benefit of a positive price swing in Bitcoin.
Pro: Great variety of sports and props to place bets.
Pro: Amazingly speedy deposits and withdrawals.

Con: One is at risk of a negative price swing in Bitcoin.
Con: One needs to be a little computer savvy to understand and use Bitcoin.
Con: As a Bitcoin book, it takes some math to figure out how much one is betting.
Con: They don’t have the most competitive odds in the industry.


The original posting of this blog was on July 25th, 2017.

11/30/2017: Added a few notes on payouts and the price of BTC.

3/7/2018: Added some additional commentary on the betting interface. Included information on the Nitrogen Sports Casino.

6/1/2022: Converted the review from Nitrogen Sports to Nitrobetting as Nitrogen Sports is no longer accepting new bettors and it’s part of the same group.


As noted in the pros/cons, there is an extra element of suspense when betting with bitcoin. The price of Bitcoin is all over the place and there is really nothing to make us believe that this trend won’t continue. Since we first published this article in July of 2017, the price of Bitcoin has gone up 1200%! In essence, one could call it the bet within the bet (i.e. betting sports, while betting on the price of Bitcoin at the same time!). While this can be a bit of a roller coaster, it can also add an element of fun. If you, the reader, are still uncomfortable with using Bitcoin then we would suggest the Bovada Sportsbook, or you can do research with our review on Bovada here.

Overall, the Nitrobettings Sportsbook has made a solid name for themselves in the community. For a user that wishes to keep their anonymity, there is no question that this is the sportsbook for you.

To sign up at Nitrobetting: Join Nitrobetting