A freelance statistical consultant, web designer, and small business owner residing in Orlando, Florida, Jeff is the founder of DRatings.com.

Jeff graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Statistics from North Carolina State University in 2002, and received his Master’s Degree in Statistical Computing from the University of Central Florida in 2005. Having worked for Electronic Arts as a Game Designer on NCAA Football and by fine tuning his statistical knowledge in the credit industry, Jeff felt like it was time to create his own version of sports rankings.

In 2012, DRatings.com was created with a full set of rankings for all of Division I college football. The web site has since been expanded to include all the major professional and college sports as well as sports across Europe. Ten years later, he wanted to take his DRatings to “the next level”. To do this, he felt the need to create another web site, GamedayMath.

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