Hungary Nemzeti Bajnoksag Predictions


Upcoming Games

No scheduled games in the next ten days.

Season Simulation

*Through all games played on or before 09/18/22
#TeamWLTPtsWin LeagueMake Champions LeagueMake Europa LeagueRelegation
1Ferencvaros (6-0-0, 18 pts)
2Kisvarda (4-2-2, 14 pts)13.410.
3Kecskemet (3-1-4, 13 pts)11.210.711.144.70.1%0.1%18.2%6.4%
4Puskas (3-1-4, 13 pts)12.49.411.248.41.4%1.4%39.2%3.1%
5Paks (3-2-2, 11 pts)12.711.09.347.41.1%1.1%29.9%3.3%
6Zalaegerszeg (3-3-1, 10 pts)10.813.88.440.90.1%0.1%7.8%16.0%
7Fehervar FC (3-4-0, 9 pts)13.811.87.448.82.1%2.1%36.4%2.5%
8Honved (2-3-3, 9 pts)10.212.610.240.90.1%0.1%6.8%18.5%
9Debrecen (1-3-4, 7 pts)8.313.711.035.80.0%0.0%2.0%45.3%
10Ujpest (1-3-3, 6 pts)9.912.610.540.20.1%0.1%6.4%21.7%
11Vasas (0-3-5, 5 pts)8.112.612.336.60.0%0.0%2.1%35.8%
12Mezokovesd (1-5-2, 5 pts)8.915.

Predictions Methodology

There are twelve teams that make up the Hungarian Nemzeti Bajnoksag. The top three places are promoted to European tournaments with the top team making Champions League qualifying and the next two teams making Europa League qualifying. The two teams at the bottom of the table get relegated to the second division.