WagerWeb Sportsbook Review

Welcome to my WagerWeb sportsbook review. This is the seventh review that I’ve done since I’ve started betting at sportsbooks across the web (that allow to since I live in the U.S.). In my reviews I do not get into the legal climate of gambling in the United States, however, I think a great reference can be found at Is Online Sports Betting Legal? I’ve also created a consolidated list of my top five sportsbooks which can be found at Top 5 Online Sportsbooks for U.S. Players.

WagerWeb sets itself apart, but you’ll have to keep reading to find out why…

Depositing Money

WagerWeb Deposit Slip - WagerWeb Sportsbook Review

WagerWeb Deposit Slip – WagerWeb Sportsbook Review

WagerWeb fits in with the norm as they offer all of the usual means for depositing money into your account. MoneyGram and Western Union are popular options, but the easiest way to deposit money, in my opinion, is through credit card.

Customers can deposit money into WagerWeb with either a VISA card or an American Express. For this review, I deposited $50 into an account and immediately had my account funded. I received a call from customer service to ask if I had any questions and to inform me that I was given an extra 30% bonus in free play money added to my account (with a 7x rollover). Overall, depositing money into WagerWeb was easy, quick, and very secure.

Limits/Ease of depositing money: 10/10

Betting Interface

I can start this off by saying that WagerWeb does not offer live betting on their platform, however the system that they employ for regular betting is very good.

WagerWeb Account Info - WagerWeb Sportsbook Review

WagerWeb Account Info – WagerWeb Sportsbook Review

The first thing that I noticed when I came to the site is the account information in the top right hand corner of the screen. This provides a very simple and detailed breakdown of your current funds, including free play money and accumulated rewards. Naturally, they also make it very easy for you to deposit money!

WagerWeb Bet Slip - WagerWeb Sportsbook Review

WagerWeb Bet Slip – WagerWeb Sportsbook Review

The second thing that stuck out was a message came up near the bet slip is that says “Get to know our system, check out our tutorial by clicking on the “tutorial” link at the top left corner of the site.” Let me say now how much I love this tutorial. I haven’t seen any other sportsbook do this and it is very helpful to people who have never used the site before and/or are new to betting.

The betting interface at WagerWeb is pretty self-explanatory even without the tutorial. On the left side of the screen, you can select which sport you wish to wish to view and in the middle of the screen are the different game lines or props to bet. Once that is selected, you are taken to a page that allows you to add bets to your bet slip (which I show on the right).

Everything else on the bet ticket simple enough to use. The image shows two sample bets that I made on a couple of college basketball games. You can bet either a “risk” amount or a “to win” amount, and the parlay bet comes up automatically if you wish to bet with that method. Overall, this system gets very high marks, particularly because they included a tutorial!

Look and feel of the betting interface: 9/10

Odds/Bet Limits

WagerWeb was certainly designed and developed for the recreational gambler. With this in mind, the lines come out very late compared to most of the other sportsbooks that I have reviewed. I’m currently writing this at 2:19 ET on a Monday during football season and there are no college football lines available and only two games available for the next week of the NFL season. If playing the lines at the open is important to you then I’d suggest a book like 5Dimes or Top Bet.

All that said, the lines on WagerWeb are rather standard once they do come out. They never have any discounted lines or anything else of the sort, but the 20 cent lines are commonplace for all games with a spread. The minimum bet is $2 to win which is slightly higher then most sportsbooks, but still relatively cheap with all things considered.

Odds Prices and minimum bet limits: 6/10

Mobile Betting

WagerWeb Mobile Site - WagerWeb Sportsbook Review

WagerWeb Mobile Site – WagerWeb Sportsbook Review

It’s important for any sportsbook these days to have a very solid online mobile site, and WagerWeb is no different. After messing around with the system and placing a few bets, I was very pleased with the way that the software ran.

The original design can be seen in the image to the right. The first screen has you selecting the sport (or sports) that you wish to bet on. I think that the WagerWeb online interface is pretty straight forward in that it then takes you through to select which bets you wish to make. From there, you select the type of bet, the wager, and then the confirmation of the bet. This is all driven my a fluid menu that allows you to make your selections and then “continue” on to the next page.

There is easy access to a variety of aspects of your account as you can see at the top of the image. Even though I don’t talk much about horses or the casino portions of these sites in my sportsbook reviews, WagerWeb has some cool and easy ways to play these on their mobile app as well. In all, I really don’t have anything bad to say about the system. Really, the only thing missing is the availability to do live betting.

Mobile Betting Platform: 9/10


WagerWeb has a pretty interesting payout system which is heavily tied to their Rewards program. With enough time in the system and with a significant amount of betting, you can become a Silver member which entitles you to one free payout a month. The number of free payouts becomes even more frequent if you can make it up to a Gold or Platinum member. You are automatically enrolled into the rewards program upon sign up and it is rather easy to make it to Silver status so you really should never have to pay for a pay out.

WagerWeb Payout - WagerWeb Sportsbook Review

WagerWeb Payout – WagerWeb Sportsbook Review

Fees for payouts outside of the reward system are pretty stiff. To withdraw money from Western Union or through MoneyGram the fee is $80 and that is for a maximum withdrawal of $800 and $550, respectively. Cashier’s checks aren’t much better with a fee of $65. Overall, this is a bit rough, so if free payouts are your thing then I would definitely suggest Bovada as your place to gamble.

Ease and price of payouts: 4/10


Pro: Very cool betting platform.
Pro: They offer a tutorial on how to use the betting interface.
Pro: The rewards system is one of the coolest in the industry.
Pro: Solid promotions. Lots of opportunity for free play.

Con: Not a huge selection of games to pick from.
Con: Lines come out very late.
Con: No live betting.


Original posting on November 11, 2013.

5/16/2014: WagerWeb dropped to Honorable Mention in my list off top five sportsbooks from number-three. This is primarily regarding the high cost of payout.


I hope that up to this point you have enjoyed my WagerWeb sportsbook review. In conclusion, we have covered a lot of good and just a little bit of bad for the WagerWeb sportsbook, but we definitely think WagerWeb is worth your time. Their rewards system may be the best out there, we love the various promotions that they run, and they have a great system.

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