Station Casinos Rewards for Sports Betting

Station Casino’s has a player’s club called Boarding Pass that bettors can tie to their STN Sports account. Known as a “local casino” group, the Station’s casinos are a great spot to visit when looking for a change of pace off the strip. Here, we will discuss how much of a benefit a bettor will get by linking their betting account to Station Casino’s Boarding Pass.

What Is Station Casino’s Boarding Pass?

Boarding Pass is a pretty standard reward’s system that works like all the other programs at the major casinos. The one major difference is that their points system, My Points, resets every six months rather than the typical yearly reset at other casinos.

Station Casino Reward Tiers

My Points are credits that players earn for playing slots, video poker, and of course, sports bets. The bettor also earns status credits at the same rate as they do My Points which puts the player in one of five different tiers. Honestly, a big drawback in the Boarding Pass program is that there really is almost no benefit to being in a higher tier. One can go to my|Rewards Boarding Pass page to see all the current benefits at each tier.

What Do I Earn With Each Sports Bet at STN Sports?

The following is a breakdown from the Station’s Casino site:
Boarding Pass Earn
Unlike a lot of other casinos, STN Sports has a very simple conversion calculation to Boarding Pass points. Simply put, every one dollar bet will equal one Boarding Pass point and tier credit. This includes all straight bets, parlay bets, and futures bets. There is no distinction at all between the different bet types.

How Much Value Do I Earn at Station Casinos With Each Bet?

Using the rules from the Boarding Pass program, I built a calculator to estimate the amount of My Points that one would receive with each bet. To use the calculator, simply place the bet amount and odds of the bet and the system will output the estimated value of My Points credits.

The “Total Value in Credits” section in this calculator is the estimated additional value for each bet. To calculate this, we need to know what each point is actually worth in terms of the tier credit system and My Points system.

The My Points portion of this calculation is very easy as the program states that every 1,000 points equals one dollar. In addition, I think there is only a little value on the tier credit system as the value of being in a higher tier isn’t great. Consequently, I’ll give each tier credit a value of two-tenths of a cent.

Final Thoughts

The extra edge for a standard even odds bet thus comes in at 0.12%. While some sportsbooks limit the amount of points one can receive when placing a bet with negative odds, it doesn’t appear that this program does. In the grand scheme of things, there are other programs that have a much better credit edge. That said, there are a ton of great restaurants in the Station Casino’s group to use those points.