2023 CFB Conference Realignment

2023 will be a landmark year for college football, setting a new stage and reshaping the landscape of the sport in ways previously unimagined. The seismic shifts in conference realignment have not only stirred excitement and debate among fans but also raised crucial questions about the future of college football’s traditions and competitive balance. From major powerhouses switching allegiance to smaller programs finding new homes, the realignment has left no stone unturned. Buckle up, as we navigate through the moves of the 2023 college football conference realignment.

FBS Conference Realignment

There are more rumors happening and moves happening every day, but all of the news that is coming out this week will affect the conferences in future years. In 2023, we have a few moves to note. There are three conferences that will scrap their divisions in the upcoming year. Those three conferences are the ACC, Pac-12 and Mountain West.
2023 FBS Realignment

FCS Conference Realignment

With all the craziness that’s been happening in the FBS, it’s kind of shocking to see the FCS be so quiet on moves. Sam Houston State and Jacksonville State made the jump from FCS to FBS and there were only four conference changes outside of those moves.
2023 FCS Realignment