JustBet Sportsbook Review

Welcome to my sixth sportsbook analysis in my series of sportsbooks reviews for bettors in the United States. This review will discuss all the bells and whistles of the JustBet sportsbook! My original plan was to stop after doing five detailed reviews, but I realized that some of these sportsbooks deserved a little bit more attention.

JustBet Welcome - JustBet Sportsbook Review

JustBet Welcome – JustBet Sportsbook Review

Just a few short months ago, back in March of 2013, I tried out JustBet and absolutely hated it. The betting system was outdated and clunky, customer service couldn’t seem to get my payout right, and the minimum bet was $10. Overall, the sportsbook seemed like a total mess. But then they got bought out by Bookmaker, updated their systems, and now everything is running as smooth as butter. Good enough for me to take the time to review. Enjoy!

Depositing Money

If there was any section I probably should have removed from my reviews then it would have been this one. Seemingly all the sportsbooks make depositing money incredibly easy and our friends at JustBet are no different. Strangely, the minimum deposit that one can make on their VISA card is $96, but the maximum is the standard $999.

Also available are options to send a MoneyGram, Western Union, and a variety of bank transfer and bank draft options. Again, like everyone else, all transactions made through JustBet are secure and encrypted so you have no need to worry about the security.

Limits/Ease of depositing money: 9/10

Betting Interface

The look of the betting interface for JustBet is very familiar if you have read my BetDSI Review or my 5Dimes Review. The menus all look and work exactly the same, and this is a good thing because it is good software and very easy to use.

JustBet Interface - JustBet Sportsbook Review

JustBet Interface – JustBet Sportsbook Review

I think that the set up that JustBet employs for finding games is great. From the image above, one can see that the games are listed out and the variety of bets are listed to the right. Once you select which bet you would like to make by clicking in the check box, a new page will come up that allows you to decide what type of bet to make and how much you would like to wager on each bet.

Live Betting - JustBet Sportsbook Review

Live Betting – JustBet Sportsbook Review

Another major focus of late has been the availability of live betting. Simply put, this system is pretty awesome. They cover practically every game in all of the major professional leagues and also most NCAA games as well.

Without a doubt, this system was designed so that one could make a bet very quickly. Those familiar with live betting know that the lines change very fast and there is not a lot of time to get your bet in before the lines are frozen. When all is said and done, I can typically get a bet in within about five seconds or so.

I show the bet slip to the left. Once the bet is selected, you can type in the amount you would like to either risk or win. The option at the bottom allows you to “accept price changes in your favor”, “accept any price”, or “accept no price changes”. This is pretty important in live betting as there can be major swings very quickly! Overall, this is a very cool system and one of my favorite live betting platforms out there.

Look and feel of the betting interface: 8/10

Odds/Bet Limits

One of the things I mentioned in my opening was just how horrible I thought JustBet used to be. A few months back their minimum bet was $10 for an online wager. This has all changed! JustBet has now caught up to the industry and offers $1 minimum bets to their customers.

The fairness of the odds are pretty much standard at JustBet. For the most part, you will almost always see 20 cent lines on every game which you will find just about anywhere. If by chance you are betting at a book that has more than 20 cent lines then you should leave immediately!

JustBet never really offers any 10 cent lines or other special deals to get customers to bet, but again, most sportsbooks don’t. Another benefit of using JustBet is that they do get the lines out very quickly and there are a ton of options available. There is never a lack of selection when betting with JustBet.

Odds Prices and minimum bet limits: 8/10

Mobile Betting

Mobile Betting - JustBet Sportsbook Review

Mobile Betting – JustBet Sportsbook Review

JustBet brings the user one of the smoothest mobile betting platforms that I’ve ever seen. I’m often critical of the design of mobile applications as many are hastily put together and without much thought to functionality. I can’t say that at all about JustBet and their mobile design. There was obviously a lot of thought put into this.

The screen shot to the right shows what their live betting platform looks like. One can see that the ability to smoothly navigate through the menus is very simple and everything is laid out very well. With the multi-game feature, you can even watch multiple games from different sports at one time.

I haven’t talked yet about making regular wagers through JustBet on their mobile platform, but this is also very simple. I feel that it is even easier to make a bet on their mobile device than it is on my computer.

Putting all of this together and it makes it very easy to give JustBet top marks in this area!

Mobile Betting Platform: 10/10


Fees, fees, fees! I’ve been pretty positive about JustBet almost across the board, but this is one area that hurts a little bit. There really is no cheap ways to get your money out of this sportsbook (at least for American customers). A MoneyGram is going to roughly cost you 10% of what you wish to withdraw. Checks come with a $50 fee. And you can get money wired to your bank, but with a minimum of $10,000 and the fees here will cost upwards of 6%.

JustBet is very reliable so they are able to get a way with this a little bit. But if easy payments are what you are looking for then the Bovada Sportsbook is where I would rather direct you.

Ease and price of payouts: 6/10


The offers and promotions section for JustBet can really be broken down into two sections.

First, the deposit bonuses and offers that JustBet give out are relatively weak. Currently, they are only giving out a 15% welcome bonus which stands around the worst deposit bonus of all the sites that I review. Reload bonuses typically run between 10% to 20% depending on when during the week you choose to add money to your account.

The redeeming quality for JustBet is their BetPoint rewards system. BetPoints are earned any time a bet is placed on a sports match up, in the poker room, or in the casino. These BetPoints can then be used on to receive cash back. It’s a very nice way to do a loyalty program within a sportsbook. The rewards are by no means great as you need to bet around $550 to just get roughly $3 in cash back, but at least it is something.

Offers/Promotions: 7/10


Pro: The platform for live betting is awesome!
Pro: Great mobile site. Easy to use on smartphones.
Pro: The sportsbook is run by a very reliable group.
Pro: Selection of bets is very vast.

Con: Doesn’t have great bonuses or promotions.
Con: While their customer service isn’t bad, I think others are a little better.
Con: Expensive payouts.


In my last update to my list of Top Online Sportbooks for U.S. Players, I added JustBet to the list at number five. There are three things in particular that lead me to add them to this list. One, JustBet has a selection of bets that would suit any sports fan. Besides covering all the major American sports, they also cover a ton of international sports as well. Two, their live betting platform is one of the best in the business, if not the best. And three, JustBet is part of a trustworthy group and I am very comfortable placing my money with them.

To sign up at JustBet: Join JustBet