NHL Playoffs 2018 – First Round Odds and Predictions

The 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs are set and the games are about to get underway. All the series line below are provided by BetOnline and all of our projections for the games can be found on our NHL predictions page.

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. New Jersey Devils

Series Prices: Devils: +270, Lightning: -325
DRatings Series Odds: Devils: 29.1%, Lightning: 70.9%
This series kicks off on Thursday, April 12th with the Lightning sneaking into the top spot in the Eastern Conference by one point over the Bruins. With the best Stanley Cup odds in the East, at 13.7%, the Lightning are the heavy series favorite. Coming in as the 2nd wild card team, the Devils have roughly a 29% chance to win the series.

Boston Bruins vs. Toronto Maple Leafs

Series Prices: Maple Leafs: +130, Bruins: -150
DRatings Series Odds: Maple Leafs: 40.1%, Bruins: 59.9%
The Bruins blew a big opportunity to gain home-ice-advantage throughout the Eastern Conference with their loss to the Panthers on April 8th, but still stand in good position to have a great playoff run. This looks to be a completely great series as these teams square off on Thursday.

Washington Capitals vs. Columbus Blue Jackets

Series Prices: Blue Jackets: +110, Capitals: -130
DRatings Series Odds: Blue Jackets: 44.7%, Capitals: 55.3%
The Columbus Blue Jackets may be the wild card team taking on the top-seeded team in the Metropolitan, but this looks like a tight series. If the Blue Jackets had home-ice then they would actually be favored in this series.

Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Philadelphia Flyers

Series Prices: Flyers: +200, Penguins: -240
DRatings Series Odds: Flyers: 37.9%, Penguins: 62.1%
Though they are the two-seed in the Metropolitan, the Penguins are the strongest team in the division.

Nashville Predators vs. Colorado Avalanche

Series Prices: Avs: +420, Predators: -515
DRatings Series Odds: Avs: 27.8%, Predators: 72.2%
The Predators are currently the favorite to win the Stanley Cup in Vegas and have the best odds to win their First Round match. We think the Avalanche have the best value against the series odds as we have them as a 27.8% chance to beat the Predators in the series.

Winnipeg Jets vs. Minnesota Wild

Series Prices: Wild: +190, Jets: -220
DRatings Series Odds: Wild: 34.7%, Jets: 65.3%
We actually have the Winnipeg Jets as the most likely team to win the Stanley Cup at 14%. The best match in these playoffs could be the Jets vs. Predators in the 2nd Round should both win their opening series.

Vegas Golden Knights vs. Los Angeles Kings

Series Prices: Kings: +108, Golden Knights: -128
DRatings Series Odds: Kings: 44.8%, Golden Knights: 55.2%
We are finally about to see just how good these Vegas Golden Knights really are. Our current odds for them to win the Stanley Cup stand at 7.9%.

Anaheim Ducks vs. San Jose Sharks

Series Prices: Sharks: +102, Jets: -122
DRatings Series Odds: Sharks: 43.6%, Ducks: 56.4%
Based on the Vegas odds, this should be the tightest match up of all the eight First Round series.