Partnership with GamedayMath

Since I started DRatings over fifteen years ago, I’ve always looked for ways to improve the platform. With the changing climate of sports betting and the amount of data now available, it became clear that what I could do on DRatings just wasn’t enough. Wanting to take a few ideas further, and with the help of some very talented developers, we created GamedayMath. This product is essentially a super-powered version of what I’ve done on DRatings for close to a decade. Let’s talk about some of the features that can be found in this new product!

Odds Dashboard

The first feature is an odds dashboard with access to over fifty sports books.
odds dashboard
The odds dashboard is tailored specifically to each user’s needs. During the sign up process, the user selects which sports books they want to see displayed on their dashboard. Further, they can then select which sports books they wish to simply observe and which ones that want to be used in their best line calculations.

Dashboard Features

Nostradamus No-Vig Lines are our proprietary formula that projects what the future no-vig line should be for every event. This is a powerful tool in many ways. Specifically, it’s great because if one knows where the line will end up, then that also means that one can find profitable bets at the current lines.

This leads us to our next feature: Euclid EV! Here, we project what the return on investment would be on a bet placed at the Best Line. Over time, bettors who constantly beat closing line value (CLV) will be profitable bettors! These tools help identify these bets!

Pascal’s Picks

Pascal’s picks are designed for bettors who simply want a one-stop shop to identify great picks.
Pascal's Picks
Our Pick’s dashboard highlights the bets available at the sports books you selected at sign up. Remember, this page is customized to your needs. The filters at the top-right side of the page allow the user to filter by sport or by sports book.

The BetScore algorithm is another proprietary piece of information that gives each bet a score. Bets with a BetScore over 85 are excellent selections. Bets with a score of 75 or higher are good selections. As the scores go lower, then the bets get worse.

Bet Analysis

One of the newest additions to GamedayMath is the Bet Analysis feature! Here, the bettor can get instant feedback on straight or parlay bet that is run through the system. Further, the system can even suggest a bet size based upon the bankroll and Kelly Multiplier that the bettor inputs in their user settings.

Along with the ability to get this instant feedback, there is also an analysis page that allows the user to get information on all of the bets that they’ve tracked over time. Here, the bettor can see their performance in different sports, at all the different sportsbooks, and the different types of bets made.

Most importantly, the user can track how often they beat the closing line and their ROI over the course of time.

And More…

We will be constantly adding features to GamedayMath, including integrations with DRatings that will help users with the sports handicapping aspect of betting. The goal of GamedayMath is to create an approachable platform to help people place bets. Over time, we only expect this product to get better and better. In the meantime, the Beta product of GamedayMath is completely free! So, it would help us a ton if you signed up and gave us some feedback!

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