UEFA Champions League Predictions

The UEFA Champions League game predictions do not account for injuries, missing players or any other factors that may be cause the outcome to be different from the prediction. Even though these teams generally bring their A-teams to Champions League games, please see my disclaimer page for more on the benefits and downfalls of these predictions: Predictions Disclaimer

These Champions League predictions should be used for entertainment purposes only. If you do wish to bet Champions League games, then I suggest you read my blog post on the best places to bet: Sportsbook Reviews.

All the games are listed below and are based upon final score at the end of 90 minutes (plus stoppage time). Enjoy.

Champions League Game Predictions

Here, we show the projections for the individual games. For the simulated projections of the entire round, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Champions League Predictions – Preliminary – Semifinals

Date Away Home Odds to Win ML Prediction Score Proj Total Goals
FC Santa Coloma
Tre Penne
Tre Penne to win: 35.5% Tre Penne +182 1.23 2.45
FC Santa Coloma to win: 34.5% FC Santa Coloma +190 1.21
Odds to Draw: 30% Draw +234
Lincoln Red Imps
KF Feronikeli
KF Feronikeli to win: 28.9% KF Feronikeli +247 1.29 2.89
Lincoln Red Imps to win: 41.6% Lincoln Red Imps +141 1.60
Odds to Draw: 29.5% Draw +239

Champions League Predictions – Preliminary – Finals

Date Away Home Odds to Win To Advance Score Proj Total Goals
Game analysis not available yet

Champions League Series Predictions

The following table breaks down the probabilities of each team to advance to the next round of Champions League.

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