A Quick Primer on Bet Value

Our Bet Value section was originally designed to show the users of our site the best bets available at our listed sports books. There are three different categories that we describe with graphics and we will cover each one of these sections below. This was done to show what type of bet that one would place on a contest. Bet Value is found in the far right hand column of all of our prediction pages as can be seen in the picture below. Now, let’s get into the details.

Bet Value Sample

Bet Value Sample

The Red Square

Red SquareFirst, we have the red square! This gets triggered when there is implied margin between the listed sportsbooks. See more on this topic at: Advantage Betting Using Implied Margin. The red square looks for arbitrage or middling opportunities and is completely driven by sportsbook odds. One of the things that may be noticed is that there are varying shades of of red square. In short, the darker the square, the better the implied margin is. We currently have this tuned so that a square shows up if there is 0.8% or less of implied margin (otherwise known as 99.2% return on investment). A solid square will be seen when there is an implied margin of 0.2% or better. Remember that once casino/sportsbook rewards are added in, even a 0.4% implied margin bet could make it one worth pursuing.

The Orange Diamond

Orange Diamond Second, we have the orange diamond! This graphic is a lot different than the red square in that it is driven mostly off our own internal analytics. Even though the lines on the games do affect some parts of this trigger, implied margin plays no part in this whatsoever. Anyways, the orange diamond triggers when the combination of variables add up to give value to one side of a bet. One can find more on this topic at: Betting Analysis Methodology. Again, similarly to the red square, as the value diminishes, so does the shade of the diamond.

The Gold Super Star

Gold Super StarFinally, we come to the creme de la creme, the gold super star! As the name and the graphic may imply, this is the best bet that can be found! This graphic will trigger when there is both implied margin value on a bet and overall analytic value on the same bet. In effect, it is a combination of the red square and the orange diamond. When we see this bet type, we will almost always be making a play as it implies that all of our metrics point in one direction. Making only this type of bet practically assures long term profitability.